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TV Forecast HD: Your Personal TV Guide for iPad

TV Forecast HD is a TV guide just for you.

Stay up to date with episode times or flick through episode summaries while waiting for your favorite show to air.

With TV Forecast HD you can rest assured you'll never miss an episode again.

Available on the App Store


The upcoming and previous episode of all of your favorite TV shows at a glance.

Sneak a peek at what's coming next or remind yourself of where you left off.


A calendar just for your TV shows; find out if you're going out or staying in.


Falling behind? Bookmark your last watched episode to know where you can pick up from.


The day at a glance. Know when and for how long each episode will be airing. Great for planning tea breaks.


Your forecast in the cloud: one forecast for all your devices. Can also sync with TV Forecast for iPhone.

Time Zone Correction

Episode air times are automatically adjusted to your local time zone.

Detailed Episode Information

Browse air dates and summaries of every episode in a series.

On Air Notification

Be notified before, after, or as soon as an episode goes to air.