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THE INCIDENT, a fast-paced, retro-style action game for iPhone and iPad

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Basic Gameplay

Like so many skills, The Incident is easy to pick up and tough to master. Here's how to get started with the jumping and the running.

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In The Incident, you play Frank Solway, a regular guy whose regular day gets interrupted by a sudden rain of everything in the world. He must dodge this deadly shower and climb the ever-growing pile to discover the source of it all.


This is an accelerometer-controlled game. Tilt the device left and right to run, tap anywhere on the screen to jump. When you see a "shake" animation floating over Frank's head, shake your device. That is all!

Strategy & Tips

  • Stay on top and keep moving. You might think you're safe hiding away in the corner, but a single big object could bury you in seconds. Keep running and you're more likely to dodge whatever comes your way.
  • Getting a certain power-up could mean risking a big leap across the whole stage; sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not. Use your best judgment.
  • You can gain a bit of temporary safety by hiding next to or under a large object. But pretty soon, you could find yourself stuck, with not enough jumping power to escape. When this happens, you should get the "shake" notification. You can bubble out this way, but this is a trick to be used sparingly - the bubble must recharge. (You'll see that in the top-left corner.)
  • Pro tip: the helmet will protect you, but you shouldn't go breaking objects with your head for fun. You want them to build a nice tall pile for you.

Endless Nightfall

This is our survival mode. There's no end to the level, but as items fall faster and faster, you'll soon find it hard to stay alive. You can make it to at least 200 m, though. We dare you!

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What's what

Here's a quick reference of all the buttons, power-ups (and downs!) and other things you're likely to encounter in the game.

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For every ten coins you collect as they magically float upward (where from?) you will gain an extra life. You'll need all the lives you can spare in later levels!


Strange byproducts of the you-know-what that caused The Incident, they have a single purpose: to give you extra lives. Not bad for a freak occurence.


You start with three health points; three hits to the noggin and you're out. Pick up these invaluable balloons to recharge and buy yourself a little more time.


Every now and then, fortune will smile upon you and reward you with an awesome health boost, maxing you out at four health points. Congratulations.


This will outfit you with a protective helmet, making you invulnerable to hits from above (and only above!) But keep in mind: the helmet doesn't last forever, and you don't want to go crushing items gleefully. You need them to keep climbing…


Instantly lift the whole pile a full 10 meters, bringing you that much closer to your goal. Good deal all around.


Ouch. Touch one of these and you'll undo the last few seconds of your ascent; the pile will drop 5 meters. Bummer.

Ancient Curse

Stay away from these things; they'll hurt you whether you're wearing a helmet or not. They also tend to show up if you hide under a pile of debris, hmmmm…


It's up to you if this is a power-up or a power-down: it will increase ths speed at which items drop. The good: you can climb faster. The bad: you can die faster.


Your progress will be saved at these rope-flag checkpoints. There are a few on each level, so don't sweat it if you can't beat the whole thing at once.


If you get stuck under a pile of items and you can't push them off (try it first!) wait for the shake notification to appear above Frank's head, then shake your device. Frank will enter a protective bubble and fly away to safety.

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Controller Mode

The Incident has a super-cool mode where you use your iPhone/iPod touch as a controller for your iPad. It's simple - here's a few tips.

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To use controller mode, make sure that your iPhone and iPad are both running the latest version of The Incident. Don't worry, The Incident is a universal binary so you only need to purchase it once. Once you've got it started on both devices, you're ready to pair them.

On the iPad: Tap Options on the main menu and then tap Find A Controller.

On the iPhone or iPod Touch: Tap Options on the main menu and then tap Use As Controller.

Now, back on the iPad, tap Connect to confirm the connection.

And you're ready to go! You can control Frank's movements from your iPhone or iPod Touch.


The "Use As Controller" options doesn't appear on the Options screen

If you are using a 1st generation iPhone or iPod Touch, ensure that your iOS version is at least 3.1.

The connection fails when I tap "Connect"

Ensure that both iOS devices are running the latest version of The Incident.

There's too much latency! Frank's reaction time is too slow!

Having bluetooth and WiFi enabled at the same time can cause latency issues. Try enabling only one or the other.

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If you've got an iPad and a video cable, you can even play on your TV. Yes, that's right - your iPad is a real gaming console.

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To use TV mode, you're going to need either a VGA Adapter or Apple Component AV Cable. We recommend the VGA Adapter for best results. Getting the whole thing to work is super easy.

From the iPad: Connect the cable and start the game. If you're using the VGA Adapter, you may also want to connect your speaker system using the headphone jack.

If your TV is successfully recognized, the iPad screen should appear black and you should see this on your TV:

You're most of the way there. Now, from your iPhone or iPod Touch: Tap Options on the main menu and then tap Use As Controller.

And now you're in business. You can control every aspect on the game from your iPhone or iPod Touch.


The iPad appears blank but the picture doesn't appear on the TV

If the iPad is blank, that's a good sign. Try fiddling with your TV controls until you find the VGA or PC input.

The picture appears on the iPad even with the cable connected

If you're running iOS 4.2, try quitting The Incident by double tapping the home button to reveal the task switcher. Tap and hold The Incident, and then tap the red circle to close it.

When using the component cable, the TV picture is stretched or squashed

Use the Settings app to ensure that your iPad Video settings are set correctly.

Frank is moving really slowly, like he's underwater or something

The slow motion effect occurs when using a composite video cable. Please use either a VGA Adapter or Apple Component AV Cable.

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The Incident for Mac

The Incident is a launch-day title on the Mac App Store. If you've played it on iOS, you know what to do. Here are a few pointers, though.

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The Mac version of the game uses keyboard controls. They are:

arrow keys Arrow keys to move

space Space to jump

enter Enter to bubble, when applicable

fullscreen Command-F to enter and exit fullscreen mode

Currently, the Mac game can't be synced with an iPhone or iPod as a controller. To do this on the iPad, we use Apple's GameKit framework, which is not available for the Mac. Hopefully Apple will make this possible soon!

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